Allison Transmissions

Dal-Trans, being one of the largest Allison Transmission Dealer's in Australia, Our transmission service is recognised as a reputable repairer of heavy vehicle Automatic Transmissions, specialising in Allison Automatic Transmissions. Listed below is an array of the Allison Transmission family, along with specification sheets, which will be helpful to your needs. Allison Transmission delivers over 80 percent of the world's commercial vehicle, fully-automatic transmissions and supply to over 250 original equipment manufacturers worldwide.For any transmission service contact Dal Trans.

1000 series allison transmissions dealers
1000 Series Transmissions
1000 Series Brings superior performance of electronic controls from 6 to 11.8 tonne vehicle GVW.
2000 series allison transmissions dealers
2000 Series Transmissions
The 2000 Series transmission is designed for commercial trucks and smaller buses with gross weights up to 15,000 kilos (33,000lbs).
3000 series allison transmissions dealers
3000 Series Transmissions
3000 Series Is flexible enough to work in a wide variety of vehicles, designed with a choice of close ratio for city streets and highway driving and wide ratio for construction and refuse applications.
4000 series allison transmissions dealers
4000 Series Transmissions
With high horsepower and torque ratings making heavy duty commercial vehicles more productive and easier to drive.

off highway series allison transmissions dealers
Off-Highway Series Transmissions
Off-Highway Series: The 5000, 6000, 8000, and 9000 Off-Highway Series transmissions are used in applications requiring 298 kW to 1678 kW (400 to 2250 horsepower) engines.
torqmatic series allison transmissions dealers
Torqmatic Series Transmissions
Torqmatic Series: An ideal choice for city buses and coaches, advanced electronic controls ensures efficient operation in all kinds of terrain and inner city traffic.
more allison transmissions dealers
More Allison Transmissions
Specification Sheets for the following Allison Transmissions are also available