Dal-Trans began in Villawood (NSW) back in 1976 in a two bay workshop; with a Cummins engine background the business began with truck engine rebuilds and installs followed by transmission conversions. It was from here that the vision for Dal-Trans’, connection with the automatic transmission for trucks, was born.

In 1978 Dal-Trans was appointed as an Authorised Allison Dealer and in 1980 the business moved to our 5 bay premises in Wetherill Park. Over the next 40 years we worked to become a most distinguished and respected authority on Allison Transmissions. A Reputation is not something renewed every 12 months but built over years; an accomplishment that we’re so very proud of.

An all Australian & Family owned business we are specialists for Allison transmissions, spare parts, application & support, overhaul and regear as well as routine maintenance, servicing and repair. Following over a 25-year association with Parker, we are a distributor for the supply and support of the Chelsea PTO product. It is with pride that we service a wide range of customers, large and small, from Government and Fleet as well as owner operators. We currently boast over 120 years of combined Allison experience; a result of training and long serving professional and qualified staff in the business.

The quality and reliability of an Allison transmission is unrivalled, as is our commitment to provide quality service to the highest level to ALL our customers. Our drive is on getting vehicles and owners back on the road as we know when your vehicle is not working, you’re not earning an income.

FREE fault diagnosis and help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keeping your truck at work is our number ONE priority.

Our Values  

Dal-Trans’ long standing objective is to deliver a satisfactory return through profits and growth. Guided by this principle, the company has developed a unique, highly-focused and disciplined business culture. Underlying this, Dal-Trans adheres to its following core values:

1. Build Open and Honest Relationshiop through Communications

Continue to build upon the relationships and the confidence that we have already formed with our Customers. The relationships have been deliberately built by “doing what we say we will do!”

2. Customer Services through Commitment and Focus

Our commitment and focus is based on what we do for our customers. We intentionally and deliberately concentrate our efforts to meet our customers’ needs through the service we provide.

3. Client Value & Partnership Creation

We partner our customers by making the necessary vehicle repairs in a timely and efficient manner; so that they too are back on the road in an effective way and thus continue to meet their contractual obligations and livelihood.

4. Endurance via profit and growth.

Our existence is under pinned by our ability to create the necessary return to ensure that we carry on in providing our customers with the service and product that they have come to rely on.

5. Integrity

Our Integrity has not come about overnight; its creation began back in 1976 with humble beginnings. To this day, we do not waiver from the honesty, openness and authenticity that we have with you; Our Customer.

6. Pride in the Quality & Value De;overed

The high level of workmanship in the product and service that we offer and provide is the one thing that we are immensely proud of and you, our customer, are our judge. The benchmark we set is high in order to provide you with the standard of product and service that you have come to expect. We will correct a mishap, as in doing so, quality and value is created as, “we will not let you down”.

7. Safety

Providing continued awareness of the hazards within our workplace plays a paramount role in ensuring the safety of our personnel and providing a safe environment in which to work. We look to empower our employees to take responsibility for not only their safety but that of others. It is through, not only, their vigilance in reporting hazardous issues but also in providing probable solutions to mitigate and eliminate.

Our Difference  

automatic transmission sydney


Allows the client to focus on core business without the distraction of maintenance or other Allison Transmission related issues.

cost automatic transmission sydney


When equipment, machinery and vehicles are well maintained, there will be less breakdown or parts replacement. This results in lower overall maintenance and inventory costs. Indirect cost savings can be seen through less downtime, which results in an increase in productivity.

efficiency automatic transmission sydney


As an authorised dealer and provider of Allison Transmissions, quality services including maintenance, repair and servicing, are delivered efficiently.

equipment automatic transmission sydney


Increased equipment availability, reliability, safety, reduced downtime, time efficiency.

information automatic transmission sydney


Instant availability of information regarding spare parts and services, and record of services conducted for each customer.

reports automatic transmission sydney


Detailed reports available to customers upon request, detailing the state of their transmission and any other findings.

expertise and flexibility automatic transmission sydney

Expertise and Flexibility

Dal-Trans Pty Limited provide our customers with access to a pool of experts from multi- dimensional specialties, who can ultimately and meet client needs.